Freshly Prepared and served with Potato Salad and Coleslaw

Choose from the following meats:

Pastrami Boiled Ham Cold Roast Beef
Corned Beef Soft Salami Brisket of Beef Liverwurst
Beef Tongue Sliced Roast Turkey Virginia Ham Chopped Liver

(all white meat)

Hard Salami

Single Meat and 2 Meat Platter come with 1 Lb. Potato Salad and 1 Lb. Coleslaw

Single Meat Platter (1 lb.) Feeds 2 with 10 slices of Rye 98.50
2 Meat Platter (2 lbs.) Feeds 4 with 12 slices of Rye) 167.50

3 Meat and 4 Meat Platter come with 2 Lb. Potato Salad and 2 Lb. Coleslaw

3 Meat Platter (3 lbs.) Feeds 6 with 18 slices of Rye) 237.50
4 Meat Platter (4 lbs.) Feeds 8 with 24 slices of Rye) 306.50